#LitaMoments: Rated RKO – By Amy
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I checked out your #LITAmoments and there were some I had forgotten about myself. I am sure as I am reflecting on my career, I’ll remember some events and stories I hadn’t thought about in quite some time. Keep jarring my memory- my HOF stories will be better the more I can remember. What do you want to hear me talk about at #HOF2014 ?

One thing a bunch of you guys brought up was our brief, but evil power trio including The Rated R Superstar and Randy Orton. Here’s a little inside from during that time… Well, okay, it will actually be a little less inside until one of you can come up with what match this was from…

I was out there with Edge and Randy. It was a 2 segment match and at some point during the match Randy rolls out of the ring. I go over to him and check on him and he proceeds to tell me that his shoulder is out and he can’t get it back in or move it. So, I tell him to stand up against the ring post, he holds on to his dangling arm, and I shoved his shoulder up against the ring post, heard a click, and it went back in. I told him he was all set and to get back in there and help my dude. His reaction was half hot and half relieved and half still not even clear as to what was going on (I was never good at fractions).

Thanks for all the support, It’s really been overwhelming.

– Amy

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Posted by Karl

When Snitsky sniffed litas feet I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard. Were you uncomfortable with that? You do have nice feet

Posted by Moose

So many good times. I was lucky enough to be at WM 22 in Chicago. And wow that hardcore match with Edge and Foley and yourself was a religious experience. Also as a music addict, I have comment on how kick ass your theme was. So f*ck your rules, man! Congrats and thanks for everything.

Posted by Gary

Thanks you for watching and retweeting my video, i was so happy to find out your going in the Hall Of Fame every year since you left i said you would be put in there and FINALLY i was right :D

Congratulations to the True Diva of the WWE none of them barbie dolls, you inspired a lot more female wrestlers in my eyes than others, and i can proudly say i met you and would you to meet you again in the future….

Congratulations again

Gary :D xx

Posted by David

Been a fan of WWE for a long time. No diva could hold a candle to your mat skills. It’s not even right to call you a Diva.. you’re a wrestler. Awesome skills. Just fun to watch. You are missed. When/if The Luchagors start touring again, I hope to catch a show. Congrats on HOF

Posted by Jae

I would love to hear some stories with Chyna. You looked like you two had great chemistry. How did you feel and what were you thinking to be a part of the first ever women’s cage match? What is the story behind your famous thong style? Do you have any stories with Tommy Dreamer? Any from Mexico? Any funny stories with the women of the Golden Era?
How did you and kane plan out the performance for the wedding? haha that was just so funny.
What are some stories with the team of extreme?
What went through your mind being crowned the queen of extreme and being the second woman besides Chyna to step in the ring with men from the first night you appeared on WWE Smackdown?
Was it hard for you to be yourself since you were so different were you placed as an outcast or anything?
Tell us about your busted face during a match with Ivory.
How did you feel about being the only woman to main event twice and win the championship both times, have any road to glory stories during that time?
I don’t know if you remember but you were also given the most time in matches compared to other divas.
Every return you’ve made.
The kiss of death promo.
your hardcore rules match with Jackie
any on the road stories.
litacanrana on Christian from the top of the ladder off of the steel cage.
tlc matches involvement.
okay, i think I’ve tried to help you rermember blasts from the pasts as best as i could. haha congrats amy! so happy and proud xoxo

Posted by Shavon

Words can’t express how happy I am that the Greatest WWE Diva ever is being inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame; I can’t wait for that day, to see your video package and to hear your speech. I would love to hear you talk about your time with the Hardy Boyz, your feud (and friendship) with Trish Stratus and what your greatest motivation was during your WWE career that kept you pumped up to do each show, and a shout out to #TeamLita would be nice too lol; Congratulations again Lita, I am so glad that your great legacy in the WWE is finally being cemented, you have more than earned your place in the Hall of Fame…

Posted by Edwin

Lita’s had so many EPIC Moments choosing just one is hard but i’ve always loved when she ran down wrestlemania 17 during the TLC and gave rhino the Huricuranna and smached Spike with the chair and then the dudleys gave her the 3-D

Posted by JosephAMT

One of my favourite Lita moments is when you returned from your broken neck and beat the crap out of Molly and Gail, I remember I couldn’t believe my eyes it felt so much longer than only a year that you were out of action.

Also loved your match with Trish at New Years Revolution, that’s my favourite match ever.

And of course when you won your first championship from Stephanie.

All the nostalgia ah <3

Posted by Heather

Okay Amy I love you so so much but the Team Extreme era was some of the best and most awesome moments from you!! Are you going to talk about that?

Posted by A

Awesome little story. I loved Rated RKO and wished you were there longer to be a part of it even more. But I would love to hear your reaction when you heard you and Trish would be maineventing Raw. I know you did it before with Stephanie, but yea. What you thought about the bet story line and like any stories from that time because that was my favorite story line of yours. Or what you thought about that pregnancy story line. Oh, that was something else. LOL. So excited for your speech!! Can’t wait!!

Posted by tina A

I can’t believe that you are going to be inducted … it’s even greater than last year since it’s the 30th wrestlemania … i am no where near the us and probably your biggest fan here in my place .. to remember only one moment will be an underastimation to your talent .. i mean your match with the t&a fully loaded was amazing what you did was crazy cool .. and you other match when you delivered the poetry in motion instead of jeff was epic .. how abt the whole fued with trish and bishop and when you began your rated r thing well i didn!t get what hapened and every time you qould show up i only hopped you would change back ( lol) .. it wasn’t easy to watch everything here our country isn’t a big fan of the wrestling business but as mutch as i managed to watch you were always the only only one to cheer for on top of mu lungs
So congrats for your legendary journey that has just been given the respect it deserves :)

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